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Lucas Davidson is a very lucky Skyline owner, as he owns one of 63 V-Spec ll N1 R32 Skyline manufacture by Nissan for racing teams to use for competition in the Group A category. Total of 245 R32 N1 models were manufacture from 1991 to 1994 and came in three trim levels GTR N1, GTR V-Spec N1, GTR V-Spec ll N1. Estimated to push 400HP, Stronger Internals, Bigger steel-wheeled turbos,Weight reduction by deleting several components, NISMO Group A aero. All N1 models are identified by model code “ZN”. Only came in color code 326 Crystal white. 17inch BBS wheels.

Fun facts

245 R32 N1’s manufacture

86 R33 N1’s manufacture

56 R34 N1’s manufacture

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