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Japan the land of legends & Gods of tuning.

Its 1996 and Option Magazine debutes this awesome one of one R33 GT-R Wagon at the Nagoya Performance Car Show. Custom built by Daijiro Inada. Not only the wagon looks different and rad but it’s also a Circuit monster. Posting up an impressive 1:04.452 at the famous Tsukuba circuit – back in 1996! Also impressive 11.89 1/4 and reaching max speed of 304.8 KMPH (189 MPH)

“Speed Wagon” was feature in many magazines and videos thru out the 90’s even making its way into Option Tuning Car Battle Spec-R video game for Play Station.

Custom features like a Nissan EXA Canopy to create the cool wagon look. Four Recaro bucket seats, full custom interior. Big braking power and built engine.

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