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Most of you guys may know that we are huge Honda enthusiasts and we have Imported some of Honda rarest models into the States such as the CRX EXCLUSIVE, Civic EG6 Yellow on Yellow Edition, Accord 2.0 Si-T edition, EF Civic RTi sedan and shuttle and many other models.

Summer of 2018 our friend Peter Cunningham owner of RealTime collection Hall contacted us to purchase a very rare and special Honda Integra ZXi AWD model we were so excited to work with one of our favorite Race car driver, Team and Honda Collection. After our first successful business deal Peter gave us the opportunity to source and export this beautiful 1975 Honda Civic RS model, with remarkably preserved 9,000 KM, all-original example. If you love this unircorn as much as we do visit @realtimecollectionhall on instagram/facebook for more detailed information.

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